We delivers Item Intelligence, physical items’ unique identity, location and authenticity, to the digital world, which we believe is the essence of the Internet of Things.
We have the platform to connect billions of everyday items such as apparel, medical supplies, automobile parts, drivers’ licenses, food and luggage to applications such as inventory management, patient safety, asset tracking and item authentication, delivering real-time information to businesses about items they create, manage, transport and sell.
MES helps achieve that goal by tracking and gathering accurate, real-time data about the complete production lifecycle, beginning with order release until the product delivery stage for finished goods.
Mobile apps can be used to enhance customer apps because it allows businesses to communicate directly with their customers through in-app purchases, ads, promotions, and notifications sent to consumers’ phones through mobile apps.
Traceability is the ability to access any or all information about a product throughout its life cycle by using a system of recorded identifications. Traceability also relates to the ability to track and trace along the supply chain.
Machine vision systems rely on digital sensors protected inside industrial cameras with specialized optics to acquire images, so that computer hardware and software can process, analyze, and measure various characteristics for decision making.
Using machine learning and Big Data we can deploy numerous application to reduce operations downtime and streamline output resulting in higher customer satisfaction
Warehouse management system is the next level or advance level to inventory management system. Both inventory and warehouse management system can be integrated as well as standalone system. Warehouse Management System is required to both Raw Materials as well as Finished Goods of a manufacturing industry, trading organization, warehousing / distribution organization.
After receipt of goods / GRN, warehouse management consist of storage in wrack, internal movement, receive RM/FG Request from production or sales department, pick list generation, pickup & packing, issue to production or for sales. Right Material, right quantity and right time is the key for an effective warehouse management system.
Human Resource Management System often called HRMS is all about managing the employees of an organization. HRMS starts from employment and ends with Full & Final settlement. Organization may need to keep records of employee those who have left the organization. HRMS also deals with time & attendance, pay roll management and pay slip generation. In simple, HRMS is Managing complete life cycle of each employee.
Cloud technology, Smart Phone, Tablets, and Touch based KIOSK is taking employees to the next level in using HRMS solution and giving them the new experience.
Time and attendance system is a part of HRMS. T & A is used for taking attendance of employees and reporting to HRMS or any other pay roll software. Attendance report export can be in any file format such as excel, txt, csv etc. We can customize the report format also according to the need of the customer’s existing HRMS / any other pay roll software.
By deploying relevant hardware and software solutions we can ensure higher productivity for the staff in your organization. We can deploy a reliable solution to ensure your company’s employee effectiveness is at its highest
The raw material receipt process can be automated by implementing 2D or QR barcode on the invoice or delivery challan that are received from supplier. This has to be done by the supplier. The barcode will have all the information / data required to type on the GRN Screen. The barcode can be printed while the invoice getting printed or can be a sticker form which can be pasted on the invoice. While delivery of the goods at the gate, instead of manual key-in, the people at the gate just have to scan the barcode using a 2D barcode scanner which will make sure that the data can posted in respective field
Manufacturing industries used to set target to produce FG on monthly, weekly, daily basis, shift basis and monitor the progress every hour to make sure that it produce FG according to the target set. Industries need to know the reason if the set target is not met.
Also, industries need to register operator details, parts detail, scrap quantity, reason for scrap, down time entry of machines, reason for down time and other details. These details are required for reporting purpose and also for the purpose of evaluation of man, machine, and material
Large manufacturing industries uses many tools, consumables and accessories for production, maintenance, Quality Control, logistics and for many other purposes. These tools are called indirect materials. When industries handle huge number of tools, they need to have a separate system to procure, GRN, store, indent, and issue to maintenance. This system also may be used to calculate the life cycle of the tools. Tools management system is a part of Plant Maintenance Management Module.
Growing number of visitors attracts more threats to organizations, factories, Hospitals, corporates etc. Managing visitors have become tedious job for front-office executives. Visitors have to be restricted to visit only to the assigned place and people and also have to be available inside the premises only during the prescribed time period. Corporates, factories, hospitals, organization are in need of a system to record, manage, track and report the movement and activity of visitors, suppliers, vehicles.
KOT is an abbreviation for Kitchen Order Tickets. It is a note which is forwarded to the kitchen, billing division, and one copy is retained in the system for future reference. The KOT application primarily contains details related to the table number, items ordered, and its quantity. Having a restaurant KOT, which is automated, reduces the scope of manual mistakes, saves time, helps you to have real-time reporting of all the orders at your restaurant, and reduces monetary discrepancies.

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